Introducing our Puppy Go Home Bag!

When your adorable new puppy goes home, they’ll come equipped with a bag full of essential items.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Custom Folder:
Puppy information and vaccine record
Our contact card for easy communication
Copy of the contract, indicating spaying/neutering agreement
Microchip card number for identification purposes
Puppy insurance form for added protection
Contact information in case you need assistance

Chew Toys or Plush Toys:
Engaging toys to keep your puppy entertained and provide mental stimulation.

Puppy Sample Food:
A portion of the food your puppy is currently eating to maintain dietary consistency during the transition.

Three Pee Pads:
Convenient pee pads to help with potty training during the initial adjustment period.

Collar and Leash:
A comfortable collar and a reliable leash for walks and identification purposes.

We believe in providing everything your new furry companion needs to settle into their new home comfortably and safely.

Adorable Labradoodle